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Tree Soldier can be found at  Amazon

I Tree Soldier can be found at Amazon or your local independent bookseller.

Welcome to my website. So glad you came by. I love history and stories, gardening and just being outdoors. (I’ve been tent camping since a baby)

I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, listening to my mother’s stories of life in early 20th century Boise, Idaho. Several of them were about the boys from “New Joisey” occupying a side camp up the creek from my great-uncle’s ranch. Desperate boys from back East, they were members of the Civilian Conservation Corps doing reclamation projects in the rugged area of the Lowman/Banks area. From these stories I wrote TREE SOLDIER, set in 1930s in the North Cascades Mountains of Washington State.

I’ve lived in the Northwest for over 35 years. When I’m not writing, I enjoy delving into local history, looking for little surprises that tell a larger story of my area and the nation’s past, fodder for more novels or non-fiction pieces. I can be found in my garden conversing with chickadees or teaching history hands-on to local grade school students. I churn DIGITAL CAMERAexcellent butter (don’t forget to wash it!) and can spin up a storm. I’m currently a Humanities Washington speaker, speaking on the CCCs in that state from 1933 to 1941.

I was honored as a recipient of the 2013 Mayor’s Award for writing and history in Bellingham. (I write every day no matter what!)

Recent fun I did this year: Go to the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg where my great-grandfather was Union assistant surgeon for the 11th PA.