Back to Reality

What’s in Mrs. Hale’s Receipts for the Million 1857?

4118. Young ladies should never engage in correspondence with young gentlemen who are not near relations, unless with the knowledge and consent of parents and guardians.

I’m not sure what Mrs. Hale’s import is this time.  She has so much say about family and households, but I have only sons and times have changed.  I’m not aware of any correspondence.

I’ve been back from Hawaii for several weeks, but sometimes I feel like I’m still over there.  But reality bites and there is work to do.  Like revise an entire novel and get ready for a talk on the Ann Parry, my obsession these days.  And put gravel on the driveway. Winter’s coming.

I  just got back from a great conference in Edmonds, Washington WRITE ON THE SOUND where I did a presentation on how to research for historical fiction.  Afterwards, I attended several other sessions Edmondsincluding one by Ray Rhamey of Flogging the Quill (he put us in the editor’s chair on why first pages don’t get to the second page) and Bharti Kirchner on writing for magazines.  Made new contacts and got the word out about my projects. When I get settled back in I’ll talk about researching for historical novels. The things you need.


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