Puns of Life II

What’s in Mrs. Hale’s Receipts for the Million 1857?

4088.  Answer. — At first two wives cross the river, then one returns and takes over the remaining wife; after which she recrosses, and stays with her husband, and the two husbands cross over. Then a husband and wife come back, and the two husbands cross.  Then the wife returns and takes over one of the others, and lastly the husband of the remaining one comes back for this wife.

Here is the last answer to the last riddle in Mrs. Hale’s… Reminds of the one about chickens, a dog and cat and a canoe.  No one can be left alone.

No excuse here. I decided to submit to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest and having been hanging around the forums. I wondered what Mrs. Hale would think? Not being focused? I made a run for it and though I didn’t get past the pitch, I am glad for every time you prepare for something like the contest you learn more about your craft of writing and submitting.  Last year I made it  to the two reviews. It’s just how it is.

Submitting is totally different from writing your piece. You have to be able to summarize what your book is about, explore your audience, then pitch it in such a way that it will catch the eye of the reader albeit first reader at an lit agency or contest judge.

For my Depression era novel THE TREE SOLDIER, searching for the right tag line led to this:

Thoreau once wrote that he went to the woods to learn. Park Hardesty goes there to hide.

I’m done with the revising and I’m submitting.  Gotta go!


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