Blog Jog Day

What’s in Mrs. Hale’s Receipts for the Million 1857?

2855. The real end of acquiring a polite manner is to make yourself pleasing and your company acceptable to all.  This must be done by little sacrifices — by curbing, if you be plagued with it, your desire to engross the conversation, or, on the contrary, breaking through your habitual taciturnity.

I’m On a Blog Jog

Thanks for stopping by!  Here at this blog I explore history, writing historical fiction and non-fiction, and research.  History is more than a passion.  It’s an avocation.  But I especially love writing  historical fiction.  As part of each post, I quote from my great-grandmother’s receipt book published in 1857 — Mrs. Hale’s Receipts for the Million.  She has thousands of ideas on how to run a home and family.

Look around at past blog posts (I just started writing about Norway in WW II) and then check  out Elaine Hopper‘s blog, next on the blog jog line.  If you want to visit a different blog on the jog, go to

Author Stephanie Cowell to Visit

I very excited that Author Stephanie Cowell will be visiting here on May 12th, but be sure to check out my review of her new novel Claude & Camille on May 11th.  It’s already been selected by People Magazine as a gift for Mother’s Day.   The story of impressionist artist Claude Monet and his muse, Camille Léonie Doncieux, it’s  a very good read.  The historical detail and story line will keep you turning the page. You may know Monet’s paintings, but you may not know about Monet and Camille.


6 thoughts on “Blog Jog Day

  1. Love the story concept.

    I came by for Blog Jog. I see you typed “Blog Job” in your title. That’s what I keep catching myself trying to do.

    Have a Happy Blog Jog Day and a Happy Mother’s Day if it applies.

    • Are you just over the border? That would be lovely. I like to hang at Surrey Writer’s too. I’m going again this fall.

    • Joylene, thanks for the nice comments on my blog. Yours looks great too. I’ve taken several workshop from Donald Mass at writer’s conferences. I think he is a very good teacher. His notes are invaluable.

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