Some Things Never Change

What’s in Mrs. Hales Receipts for the Million 1857?

4143 & 4144. There is such a rush of all other kinds of words in our days … There are vain words, and idle words, and hasty words, and spiteful words, and silly words, and empty words, and profane words, and boisterous words, and warlike words.

I’ve been reading old Alta California newspapers, looking for my bark, the Ann Parry. One of the things that has struck me about this San Francisco newspaper back then is not only the ads for shipping and ships that plastered its front page, but also the local and political news.

We are living in an interesting time (2010). Some people talk about the Tea Party and the Do Nothing Party.  Looking back to 1854, there was a lot of turmoil over slavery and state’s rights. Even then there was talk about session in this newspaper.

I knew something about the “Know Nothing Party” from college history class, but I had to laugh when I saw the parties running for office in San Francisco. Among them are the “Know Something” Party and “Do Something” Party.  Exciting times.  Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Some Things Never Change

  1. How much easier would life be if we used such phrases to describe things that otherwise have utterly nondescript names?

    Thanks for the glimpse into the past.

  2. I love this blog… It reminds me that in college when I was of course a literature major I took so many credits for my history minor that I ended up with a second major… I believe that has everything to do with my fascination for storytelling… The best stories of all are the real-life ones…

    I am also commenting here to get the attention of HistoryWriter… You commented on my blog and made a request.. I have answered that comment and request at Thanks for stopping by… as I am grateful for having stopped by here.

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