What’s in Mrs. Hale’s Receipt for the Million 1857?

000. Mrs. Hale is speechless at the raw commercialism of the times. All she can say is have a wonderous holiday. And mind your comportment.

Enjoy these ads from the Alta California 1857.  Christmas as we know it was just beginning in last decade.  Christmas trees for sale? Great buys on holiday gifts? St. Nick spirits? The stores in San Francisco had it all. If you lived in Oregon or Washington Territory, you might be able to order ad have it sent up. It took around nine to eleven days to get from Puget Sound to the Bay and vice versa, depending on the winds and seas.

A little bit of spirits: November 12, 1857. Christmas trees December 20, 1857.

Hurrah for the Holidays December 12, 1857.

And Gifts December 21, 1857.




One thought on “HURRAH for the HOLIDAYS

  1. Hello – just found your blog because of some research I’m doing based on WWI events. Like you, I’m writing historical fiction. For the last few years I have focused on WWI and I am in the midst of writing my third novel. Good luck with yours!

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