What’s in Mrs. Hale’s Receipt for the Million 1857?

1387. — Knowledge will  aid you even in hand work ; and a good book is a safe refuge in idle hours.

Inspiring Words from the Blog de Troops

First off, inspiring words came from all the people who commented during the Blog de Troops for Veteran’s Day Weekend. For every comment, they not only got an ebook of TREE SOLDIER , but a soldier received one too as well as a chance to win a Kindle. I just got things all sorted out.  So many comments! Wonderful.

Intriguing Words

Did you ever have a word or expression make you sit up and notice? Make you say what the heck is that? A new member of a writing group I’m in gave me such word when we were discussing ships.  I’ve been researching maritime history in my area and when I got an opportunity to learn more from a First Mate on a large schooner, I listened.  What I got was baggy wrinkles.


Never have I been so struck with a word. I had to learn how to make them.

So on the following Saturday, on a really cold, blustery day, I showed up at a warehouse down on the bay and was introduced to the fine of making baggy wrinkles. So what the heck are they? Apparently, made of sisal and other fibrous rope material, they have been on aboard ships for centuries. Their main purpose is prevent the lines on  a ships from banging the sails and tearing them into shreds.

Making baggy wrinkles

Making them was fairly easy, though wearing garden   gloves was a good defense against blistering. Using a tarred nylon line (historically something fine and strong) a line is stretched between two posts or saw horses. Nine inches of thick sisal rope is cut and them separated into strands. The ends are tied onto the line and pulled tight. It was a familiar knot for me. I’ve used it in weaving for years. I worked for about an hour and got about ten inches done. When the whole project is complete, the baggy wrinkles will be about ten feet long or more. They twist into the shape seen on ships.

I plan to go back, but really baggy wrinkles? Has a word ever caused you to learn and take action? This one certainly did. As a writer, it’s important to explore and even try your hand at something so weird sounding. You just have to.


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