What’s in Mrs. Hale’s Receipt for the Million 1857?

4046. Mind what you run after! Never be content with a bubble that will burst, firewood that will end in smoke and darkness.

A New Year

I think like many of us, I want 2011 to be gone. It’s certainly been a wild year for me, mostly great, but with bumps and dips that made me just want to go to bed and put the covers over my head. But I had a goal for this cranky year and it is coming true. My novelTree Soldier, , is doing well and that is not only satisfying to me as a writer but also the attention it is bringing to the role of the Civilian Conservation Corps in the development and creation of national and state parks throughout our country during the most difficult economic time in our nation’s history, including the then territories of Hawaii and Alaska. I continue to learn about the CCCs and that is a good thing.

Bring on 2012

I have a few goals/tasks for 2012:

Become a better writer,

Prepare two talks for public speaking

Complete editing of prequel to Tree Soldier by spring

Clean out my office – for real

And welcome a new grandchild into the world.

Life will be good, though I’m never one to make predictions about the future. (only set goals) That never has kept others from looking to future. Enjoy these gems from 1858.

A Chronology of Remarkable Events (Daily Alta California 1854)

1858. Restoration of the bonnet to the crown of the head.

1857. Prohibition of barrel organs, cats, blunt knives and door chains.

1859. Teetotolaism introduced among aldermen. No less than three take the pledge at once.

1881. Great excitement prevails in literary circles. A London author gets a cheque from a New York Publisher (Dickens, I wonder?)

1900. A clean street seen in the city.

190. Publication of Mr. James 2,000 novel.

1920. A racing prophecy fulfilled.

1945. A London lady for a wager, walks down Regent street with her husband without stopping at a shawl shop.

1980. Maine law introduced into England –for an hour or two.

2000. Restoration of a borrowed umbrella to its rightful owner.

2001. Apparition of a policeman at the moment he was wanted.

You just never know about the future. With our cell phones, we probably could have a policeman arrive as soon as wanted. If anyone knows about Maine law, let me know.

For me, I’ll just work on 2012.

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