Reintroduce Yourself Blog Fest

What’s in Mrs. Hale’s Receipts for the Millions 1857?

1284. Cocoa is the foundation of chocolate; it may be pounded, and either boiled as milk, or boiling water maybe poured on it. It is very digestible, and of a fattening nature.

Thanks to Hart Johnson who is known to take writerly friends on various adventures, I got me self into this.  Thanks to Mark KoopsmanC.M. Brown,  Ellise Fallson Stephen  Tremp for making the list.  A chance PAMTRM_Badgeto reintroduce myself to the blogosphere. So here I go.

I am an award winning writer and historian who loves history and how things worked in the past.  I always start my posts with a household quote from Mrs. Hale Receipts for the Million which my great grandmother used. It’s full of tips on how to do practically anything for housewifery and how to sit up straight. Mrs. Hale also knew a thing or two about coffee roasterfashion.

<— Can you guess what this is?

Because I write historical fiction I have to read and research to figure out how my characters might   have lived whether under German occupation in WW II in my novel THE JOSSING AFFAIR or as a CCC boy in the 1930s as in TREE SOLDIER, a 2012 EPIC ebook award winner in historical fiction.This novel also took the grand prize in the Chanticleer Book Reviews for self-published novels.  I currently querying a novel set in 1906 North Cascades when the Forest Service was new and big timber had its own ideas about the forests.  Another is set in the Pacific NW in 1860 when the area was quite wild.

I also write historical non-fiction, in particular the Civil War life of my great grandfather, a Union surgeon and of a 19th century bark that brought the bricks from San Francisco to my town in 1858 for the state’s first brick building. I’ve have several articles that have grown out of that research. Sea Chest Cover small

I wrote around 35 essays for and have published memoir essays in the Cup of Comfort series. One, was 1st place winner at Surrey International Writers. In short, I love to write.

Summing it Up

I’m a history nut who most of all loves teaching children hands-on about history. I’m especially proud of my buttermaking skills and teaching early schools and 19th folkways.  Always fun to see a child “get it.”

And oh, I do love chocolate. Mrs. Hale seems to know about that too. The fattening nature part.

Making Butter croppedWA Elementary students at RosarioImage301


9 thoughts on “Reintroduce Yourself Blog Fest

  1. It’s been years since I’ve made butter by hand, but I remember quite enjoying the process. Maybe not as much as I liked making homemade ice cream but it was still fun. Nice to meet you 🙂

  2. Hello, nice to meet you and congratulations on your achievements. Writing a novel is hard work, but writing historical fiction and doing so much research, must make it that much more difficult. Congratulations again on your awards and glad you were able to participate in the blogfest!

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