Slugs in the Garden

1056. To prevent Slugs from getting into Fruit Trees. – If the trees are standards, tie a coarse horse-hair rope about them two or three feet from the ground. If they are against the wall, nail a narrow slip of coarse horse-hair cloth against the wall, about half a foot from the ground, and they will never get over it;for if they attempt it, it will kill them, as their bellies are soft, and the horse-hair will wound them.

IT’S SO DARN NICE OUT in the PACIFIC NW (Well the clouds came back , but…)

I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and one thing I remember is the cold winters. (And yes, I did walk to school in deep snow). I also lived in Michigan for four years while  going to school (K College had great trays for sliding down the snowy hill in front of the chapel) and in Maryland for two years in high school. After living in Hawaii eight and a half years, I was prepared to freeze to death in the Pacific NW only to discover that the winters are mild and things actually bloom backyard fenceduring the winter months.

So I’m putting on my boots and take my edging shovel and go outside. My daffies are up, the helebores are blooming and I see my new double snow drops showing their head. Such joy! For us in the NW, winter is short and sweet. We could get snow in the passes, but I’m hoping for dry.


Unfortunately, the slugs will be coming back soon too. Remedy from Mrs. Hale, 1857 is above. The helpful hint below is from the Alta California, 1858. Some time soon, I share the wonders of the tobacco leaf. Enjoy.

Slugs Alta CA May 31 1858

What are your remedies?


2 thoughts on “Slugs in the Garden

  1. Lime-that’s interesting. I’ll try it. I save the dregs from old beer and wine to pour in cups that I bury at ground level for small infestations. The beer doesn’t have to be fresh. I spray adults with Epsom Salt. And I make Gothic necklaces for my apple trees using duct tape and sharp screws that point out. In the spring I remove all mulch from troubled spots, and don’t put it back until serious hot weather.

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