Timber Rose’s Historical Friends

What’s in Mrs. Hale’s Receipts for the Million 1857?
2669. If you introduce a friend, make him acquainted with the names of the chief persons present. But first present him to the lady of the house, and to the host.

We’re having a party

Did I say we’re having a party? In honor of Timber Rose’s release on April 9th, I’ve invited in some awesome historical fiction authors from around the world. Starting at 8:00 AM PDT on April 24th, each author will have an hour to themselves to talk about their writing, do some giveaways. Even talk about food from the eras they love to write in.
Where will this happen? On Facebook. Just go on over and post. Here’s the schedule: Timber Rose v2 for Kindle
Thursday April 24th

8:00 AM PDT  JL Oakley       Early 20th century America: CCCs. Hiking clubs

Honest Fame Pix       9:00:00 AM   PDT MM Bennetts   Intrigue 1812 England



10:00:00 AM PDT  Heidi Thomas  20th century Montana, women & rodeo Dare to Dream Thomas
Of Moths and Butterfly         11:00:00 AM  PDT  Val- Rae Christensen   England at end of Victoria era
12:00:00 PM PDT Libi Astaire  Regency London Jewish community mysteries Libi Astaire
1:00:00 PM PDT   Jane Kirkpatrick  19th century Pacific NW Janet Kirkpatrick
2:00:  PM PDT    Elisabeth Storrs  Early Roman RepublicElisabeth Storrs


M.Louise Locke uneasy_spirit3:00 PM  PDT   M. Louisa Locke  Mysteries set in Victorian San Francisco

Each hour the authors will be doing give-aways, share tips on writing historical fiction, favorite foods from their eras and just plain being hysterical — oops historical.


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