Historical Friends Thank you and winners

What’s in Mrs. Hale’s Receipts for the Million 1857?

2516. The best men throughout all history, have been the most humble.

What Great Fun — a True JolificationTimber Rose Historical Friends smaller

Timber Rose’s Historical Friends was a blast. Such grand conversations. We got a recipe for making clotted cream, how to roast a boar and accompanying sauces. The trials, working women including teachers, and maids. Mysteries and sleuthing in Regency London in the Jewish Quarters, cowgirls up and on and on.

So we come to an end. And there are winners:

Winners for the Giveaways.

JL Oakley Mary Trimble,

MM’s is Carmen Peone,

Heidi is Melinda Stanfield,

Val’s Carol,

Libi’s is Merle Carrus,

Jane’s is Rosi Dunn McCoy,

Elisabeth Storrs’s is Karen Haas,

M Louisa’s is Jel Cel.

Please leave a message/comment with your contact info. The authors will contact you.


One thought on “Historical Friends Thank you and winners

  1. What a fabulous event you had today, Janet! And what a pleasure to meet the authors. And, yes, I’d be saying that even if I wasn’t doing a happy dance ’cause I get to go traveling into the ancient world with one of Elisabeth Storr’s books!! Thank you, one and all!
    -Karen @ karenstoryteller@gmail.com

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