A Little Book Tour

What’s in Mrs. Hale’s Receipt’s for the Million 1857?

1387. Choice of Reading. – A good book is a safe refuge in idle hours.

TIMBER-ROSEHope the new year is going well so far, though I know some parts of the country are slammed with ice and snow or storms. We’re getting slammed with wind and rain in the Pacific NW.

I’m getting ready to take off for the Olympic Peninsula for a library tour. I’ll be visiting four libraries in the most rural parts of Washington State, the farthest of which is Forks. The other libraries are Clallam Bay, Port Angeles and Sequim. Maybe I’ll see some of you there. What I most looking forward to is staying in Forks, at the Miller Tree Inn. No vampires, just a wonderful B & B owned by the son of Minne Peterson, who led hikes in the Olympic National Park in the 1920s. Hmm. I could take that back as the house has apparently been designated as the home of vampires in Twilight series. I think I’ll just enjoy my Minnie Peterson room. She sounds like a wonderful woman. It should a lovely evening after a long day of driving and talking at some wonderful libraries. We used to come here to fish when the boys were little.

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