Christmas Poetry


What’s in Mrs. Hale’s Receipts for the Million 1857?

691. To make Old Writing legible – take six bruised gall nuts, and put them to a pint of strong white wine; let it stand in the sun or forty-eight hours. Dip a brush in it and wash the writing, and by the color you will discover whether the mixture is strong enough of the galls.

Christmas Traditions

My parents were of the Great Depression and WW II generation. Many of the ways we celebrated Christmas when I was growing up in the 1950s came from their experiences as young children in the1920s. One of the traditions was Dad’s insistence that we getOsborn Family Xmas the tree on Christmas Eve Day and set it up in the evening before church. It wasn’t the favorite of our family’s traditions, though to late Christmas Eve service was. In fact, as adults, my brothers and I abandoned pretty quickly. It seemed that we set up the tree while Dad watch (I could be wrong~ probably grumbly from my teenage-years memories). But the one tradition that we all loved and continued to share was Christmas poetry.

What is Christmas poetry?

Christmas poetry was essentially bad limericks and riddles for giving clues to what might be inside a wrapped present. On Christmas morn, the poetry would be read by the receiver out loud and all would then try to guess what was inside. I learned at an early age how to write simple clues, often with pictures. Later, I joined the crazy before and after late Christmas Eve service wrapping and writing. It was a tradition that when really bad poetry was read, the writer would say that it was one o’clock or three o’clock poetry. Such sweet memories uncovering a box with around 40 tags at my mom’s apartment after she passed away.

I continued the tradition with my own children and now my grandchildren.

Christmas poetry tagChristmas poetry tag2

Christmas poetry dad to momChristmas poetry dad to mom2

Christmas poetry cooking presentChristmas poetryJohh suzi to mom2

Christmas poetry mom to dadChristmas poetry mom to dad2


A very Merry Christmas and to all who are celebrating holidays this time of year.

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16 thoughts on “Christmas Poetry

    • Thank you for commenting. I was thrilled to find a whole box of the poetry at my mom’s apartment after we cleared it out. Treasures all.

    • Congrats Lorraine. You are the winner of the giveaway. I think I said a ebook (kindle) of Coconur island, my Hawaiian mystery if you live in the States or an ebook of Timber Rose if you live elsewhere (including Canada) Let me know how I can get to you.

    • Really? I didn’t know that. My father-in-law was Swedish, but he was a little boy when he came to the States and was orphaned young. Oh, the clues were a lot of help or not. 🙂

  1. What a delightful Christmas family tradition, and how even more delightful to find the mementos of those dear times after many years. Merry Christmas to you as you recall past Christmases fondly!

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