My Writing Life

writing roomI have a wonderful writing life.  

My first love is writing fiction. That work can be found on other pages, but I have also published personal essays and non-fiction articles on various historic places and topics.


Some Works are published in various journals:

Sea Chest Cover small“The Bark Ann Parry: Merchant, Whaler, West Coast Trader” for the prestigious Sea Chest

“Sallie” the story of a loyal dog who survived the Battle ofLoyalties cover Gettysburg and beloved to my great-grandfather’s 11th PA. Published in Loyalties, an anthology of pieces reflecting on loyalty in Snow Falling on Cedars.

“The Finding of the City of Whatcom,” rare view of my town from 1858 I discovered, published in The Journal of the Whatcom County Historical Society



Numerous excerpts and poems are published in Clover: A Literary Rag

Essays:“First Walks

*Poems: “Eulogy,” Names

*Excerpts: In the Sanctuary of Hell (Thatch’s War), Timber Rose, The Jossing Affair,  Dance Card (Mist-shi-mus)




*Some of my personal essays are published in the wonderful Cup of Comfort series and won honors.

world-of-words-siwcDry Wall in the Time of Grief” CUP OF COMFORT CLASSICS. It won top prize at Surrey International Writers 2006COCGrievingHeart cover

“Putting Things Away” CUP OF COMFORT FOR GRIEVING HEARTS was shortlisted at SIWC in 2008.

“Technicolor Dreams” CUP OF COMFORT FOR WOMEN






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