Tree Soldier & The CCC’s

Tree Soldier front for Kindle etcPRAISE for TREE SOLDIER

“A masterfully wrought masterpiece that both instructs and inspire.”
“A compelling story set in Western Washington during the Depression.”

One mistake can ruin a life. One mistake can transform it.

A government forestry camp set deep in the mountainous forests of the Pacific Northwest might not seem the likely place to find redemption, but in 1935, Park Hardesty hopes for just that.



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I’ve heard stories about the Civilian Conservation Corps since I was a girl from my mother. She grew up in Idaho. One day in 1933 a main camp of around 150 young men from back east showed up above her uncle’s ranch. But a research paper for a history class for my Master’s, led me to write a journal article on the CCCs and the beginnings to a historical novel.

I searched the college archives and interviewed seven “boys” who had served in the CCCs. In their 70s, they were both delighted and confused by my interest in their stories.  (Who would be interested in that?) It turns out a lot of people are.  Since the publication of Tree Soldier, I have given many talks about the legacy of the CCCs in the Pacific NW. People definitely want to know more about the history of parks and forests in their communities. There could be CCC boy behind it.

Haleakula Cabin at Kaupoaustin warming hutDid a relative of yours serve?

Check out National Archives St. Louis for records.

CCC Legacy promotes preservation






4 thoughts on “Tree Soldier & The CCC’s

  1. I have a student who would like to interview you (email or phone) for his National History Day Project on the CCC. Would this be possible?

    • I would love to do that. What school are you at? (I just saw this post right now). I could even Skype with him from your classroom if that is appropriate.

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